Broward County Chiller Improvement Project

Teamed with Hazen & Sawyer, Metco was retained by Broward County Office of Environmental Services to perform a study to determine/confirm the cooling capacity and to develop the requirements for new chillers and pumps to replace the existing equipment at North Broward County Wastewater Plant Administration Building. - Evaluate of the existing chilled water system capacity requirements based on review of existing cooling loads fed by the chillers and on an overall estimate of cooling load diversity for the entire building. - Determine the proper chiller and pumping capacities required to meet the building cooling needs. - Evaluate the existing chiller and pump configuration for redundancy. - Develop recommendations for suitable replacement chillers, pumps and piping to be located within the existing chillers enclosures. Included in the study is an evaluation/confirmation of the capacity of the new 110-ton nominal replacement chiller package that Broward County has on order. - Develop schematic design for the proposed chiller replacement including recommended chiller and pump capacities, piping configuration, and locations.