Clintondale Pump Station Improvements

The Clintondale Pump Station (CPS), located in Clinton Township, Michigan, was constructed in 1973 as a temporary means of conveying sewerage collected within a portion of the Macomb County Wastewater Disposal District (MCWDD) to the Macomb Interceptor District where it then connects to the northern portion of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department's wastewater system. The facility's capacity was inadequate for its growing population, required constant maintenance, and parts necessary to maintain operations were no longer manufactured. After careful evaluation, it was decided to upgrade the facility by refurbishing / replacing much of the equipment, while simultaneously bringing the efficiency of the pump station up to current environmental, code, and safety regulations. METCO was the Lead Engineer responsible for the Pump Station Design, Project Oversight and Construction Management. Major project elements involved the following: - Reconfiguration of the influent sewer and screening facility for a more hydraulic efficiency. - Conversion of the existing pump station suction well to a self-cleaning trench. - Upgrades to the pump station capacity with 4X35 CFS, single stage, axial flow, Vertical Turbine Pumps fitted with Variable Frequency Drives. - A new building to house the Electrical Primary/Secondary Distribution lineup and Variable Frequency Drives for new Pumps. - Stream Bank Stabilization and Erosion Protection measures. - Wetlands Delineation and Protection plans. - Restoration of the stream banks affected by the expansion of the influent sewer and gate structures. - Comprehensive flow diversion plans. - Replacement of Electrical Power Distribution, HVAC and Lighting Systems. - Upgrades to the SCADA / Telemetry and Control System for remote monitoring and control of the Pump Station.