Complex II Incinerator Improvements

The Design/Build project consist of improvements to the eight multiple hearth furnaces to improve emissions in accordance with USEPA regulations 40 CFR Part 60 for Sewage Sludge Incinerators (existing MHIs). The scope includes replacement of existing wet scrubber systems including new quench sections, new water spray venturis and mist eliminators, replacement of the CEMS for each incinerator, replacement of ID fans and addition of VFDs to the ID fans. METCO provided condition survey, study and design of Electrical and I&C system improvements as required for compliance with new emission standards. In addition, METCO also provided construction administration for the designed improvements. The following improvements made: - Improvements to existing Incinerator Furnace and Auxiliaries such as rebuild as hearth providing enlarged drop holes under sludge inlets that will establish a new gas flow pattern that will increase retention time in the hearths, add additional ambient air dampers, and replace center-shaft drive motors and add VFDs. - Improvements to the exhaust gas ductwork and emission control equipment include replacement of water weir and quench section, remove existing hydro-sonic scrubber and replace with multiple venturi scrubbers, and reuse and replace internals of the existing impingement tray scrubber. - Replacement of existing ID fans include addition of new VFDs, new VFD housing and control building, and new electrical gear.