Evaluation of System Enhancements to Improve Fire Flow & Water Distribution Systems

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (MDWASD) retained the services of METCO to conduct a water modeling analysis and to identify improvements to meet fire flow requirements of Miami Water Distribution Network by using InfoWater Software. The existing hydraulic model of MDWASD has 37,180 fire hydrants and identified fire flow deficiencies in approximately 1,002 hydrants. Fire flow analysis must be established under residual pressure requirements for the 2020 maximum day demand. Further, METCO is responsible for updating the existing model to represent existing hydraulic network as per GIS and As-Built drawings, select the best improvement alternative to meet the fire flow requirements in each of and develop preliminary design with cost estimates for all proposed improvements. The work elements of the project under this Contract include: Fire Flow Analysis in Existing Model 2020 Maximum Day Demand - Established model boundary conditions and pump operating conditions for year 2020 - Reviewed As-Built drawings to confirm the accuracy of water main layout in the existing model - Updated existing hydraulic model with 2020 Maximum Day Demand - Assigned Fire flow demand at individual fire hydrant based on land used zones - Analyzed fire flow rates for entire network and individual Atlas - Identified Deficient Fire Hydrants based on different types of land uses Update Existing Model with Current Network and Fire Flow Analysis in Updated Model - Updated the model to include water mains that are not currently in the hydraulic model based on GIS layers and - As-Built Drawings - Updated fire flow analysis based on the changes to hydraulic model and identified new fire flows and whether they met the minimum fire flow requirements Proposed Improvements to Water Distribution System - Updated the model with Future Master Plan hydraulic network - Developed hydraulic modeling scenarios for each alternative identified - Performed modeling simulation to determine the improvements in each Atlas needed to meet the fire flow requirements - Develop preliminary design for the identified water main improvements and the associated probable construction cost opinion of approximately $92.0 million.