Filter System Rehabilitation & Auxiliary Improvements to Springwells Water Treatment Plant

The project involves rehabilitating the 1958 filters and other auxiliary facilities improvements at several process areas within the Springwells Water Treatment Plant. The auxiliary facility improvements involved multiple disciplinary tasks. METCO, in association with CDM, was engaged to provide Engineering Services required to develop Preliminary Design Report, detailed design documents and construction administration services for the following improvements: 1958 Filter Building & Filter Gallery: - New Heating and Ventilation system - New dehumidification system 1930 Administration Building: - New Heating System - New chilled water system & hot water heating distribution system 1958 Service Building: - New liquid dehumidification system - New heating and ventilation system 1958 Rapid Mix System: - New steam and condensation piping system 1930 Filter Building: - New dehumidification - New ventilation system Compressed Air System: Boiler / Turbine House: - Replace existing compressed air system to feed the existing air distribution system 1958 Service Building: - Replace existing compressed air system to feed existing air distribution system Low Lift Station: - Replace existing compressed air system to fee existing air distribution system - Site civil improvements including ramps, sidewalks, and replacement of 12-inch fire line Electrical System Improvements: - Replace Sub-Station and MCCs - Replacement of Lighting System - Modifications to existing MCC/Panel Board to accommodate additional equipment load