First Stage Aeration and Return Sludge Pump Station Improvements

The Southerly First Stage Activated Sludge System (FSAS) is a high-rate activated sludge system. The purpose of the FSAS is to remove CBOD and suspended solids from the primary settled effluent so that nitrification of ammonia may be accomplished in the Second Stage Activated Sludge System (SSAS). The process components of the First Stage include three aeration tanks equipped with fine-bubble air diffusion, four process air compressors, four channel air compressors, ten settling tanks and twenty-one returns activated sludge (RAS) pumps. Southerly First Stage Final Settling Improvements Project (SFSS-1) will construct a new rectangular final settling tank adjacent to final settling tank No. 10 and will install three (3) return activated sludge pumps (RAS) with the new tank. The settling tanks are not equipped with scum skimming equipment. Metco was responsible for the design of all 480V and lower voltage electrical engineering services, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, fire protection engineering services, and specific permitting professional services necessary to develop and produce a detailed design package that shall culminate in a design, bidding package, and construction of the SFARS Project. Engineering services also include all related new, rehabilitation, demolition and removal tasks. The low voltage electrical engineering includes all electrical components and appurtenances starting at the 480V motor control centers, including power distribution, lighting, lighting protection as well as control wiring. Ethernet communication, fiber optic cable, telephone, paging, fire alarms and closed-circuit TV (CCTV). Services involve conduit development, riser diagrams and conduit schedules for all the electrical work, loop check assistance and an Arc Flash / Short Circuit Study.