Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) had decided to increase the capacity of this key Water Pumping Station by upsizing the existing pumps and other associated systems. To improve the reliability, DWSD also had decided to install state-of-art Instrumentation and Control System to monitor and control the Pump Station. METCO was engaged as Prime Consultant to provide complete study, design and construction administration including start-up, testing, and training.


The major features of this upgrade include:

  • Upgrade of the Four (4) existing Line Pumps with new Pumps of 30 MGD at 255 ft. TDH.
  • Two (2) new 4,800 Volt, 2500 HP Variable Frequency Drives.
  • ‘Ovation’ based Radio SCADA System for control and monitoring of Pumps, Valves.
  • A new Electrical room Building to house VFD’s and other electrical equipment.
  • HVAC System incorporating energy conservation measures and other associated Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Control Systems.
  • Coordinating with other on-going projects.
  • Construction sequencing to minimize the plant outages.


Some of the critical challenges of the design process involve installation of pumping equipment and routing of the modified header piping within the strict space constraints.  METCO addressed this by comprehensive field verifications and by selection and specifying pumps and piping system that could be installed within the limited space.