To ensure reliable water supply to the northwest communities of Oakland County, Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) had proposed to construct a new water pumping station with a firm capacity of 70 MGD, and a 10 MGD reservoir under Design- Build project delivery system.


METCO was retained by GLWA as their ‘Oversight Consultant’ to prepare proposal documents for Design/Build and to provide Owner ‘Oversight’ Consulting Services during the Bidding, Design and Construction phases of this project.


The key features of this project include:

  • Land Acquisition Assistance
  • MDEQ permit procurement
  • Approximately 12,000 Sq. ft. of pumping station
  • New two (2) - 13.6 KV DTE power feed
  • Three (3) Line Pumps and two (2) Reservoir Pumps
  • 10 million Gallon, above ground, precast concrete reservoir
  • Three (3) 800 HP, medium voltage pulse width modulated Variable Frequency Drives
  • 3,000 LF of 16-inch water main extension
  • 5 MVA Primary Power Substation for the new facility
  • Complete ‘Ovation’ based control system for remote/local control and monitoring of the pump station


The design process of the project required coordination with multiple    permitting agencies. In addition, community outreach was another critical element during the construction such that the communities were informed of potential interruption of the water supply to their citizens and the required steps to be initiated to satisfy public health mandates.