Hubbell-Southfield CSO Facility Rehabilitation

To comply with their NPDES Permit requirements, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) retained the services of METCO to perform a comprehensive condition survey and design solutions for major rehabilitation of the existing architectural, structural, process and control systems at Hubbell-Southfield CSO Control Facility. METCO had designed the following major upgrades of each system in the CSO Control Facility: Flushing System Upgrade: - New network of piping and spray nozzle flushing system consisting of twenty-two (22) flushing spray zones. - New flushing pumps and strainers. Process System Improvements: - Replace the fourteen (14) basin slide gates and operators. - Replace the existing chemical injection mixers. - Redesign the existing chemical storage and feed system. - Replace the existing sample pumps on the basin. - Redesign the existing in-system inflatable dam as flow control device. Structural System Improvements: - Repair all existing cracks and other structural deficiencies in the basin floor, roof and walls. - Replace existing HVAC equipment at the basin and Head Works Building. - Upgrade the existing fire alarm and security system.