North Hill Separation Project (CSO Rack 22)

The City of Akron is currently implementing the requirements set forth by USEPA Consent Decree. The North Hill Separation Green Project referred to as CSO Rack 22 project occurs in Rack 22 sewer shed, which is comprised of Approximately 424 acres. The City's Integrated Plan recommends a series of Green Infrastructure projects consisting of separation of combined sewer with either sanitary and storm sewers, road side bioretention facilities and constructed wetlands, or a combination thereof to meet the City's Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) and the USEPA requirement of zero CSO's into Little Cuyahoga River during the adjusted 1994 typical year storm event. METCO was responsible to design and prepare bid documents for approximately 2,700 feet of sanitary and storm sewer separation project. The scopes are listed below: - Prepared work and communication plan for dye testing and distribute the information to the residents. Work Plan is set for each flow verification Area that will identify site condition, determine accessibility and review the respective record information for the dye test area. - Schedule dye testing and collecting data and provide feedback to the field group who do the dye testing; and prepared the sequence of testing operations including point of entrance and manholes for discharge reviewed. - Designed and prepared bid document to separate sanitary and storm in Rock-22 area.