GLWA (Owner) required several critical improvements to the High-Lift and Low-Lift Pumping Systems at the Northeast Water Treatment Plant to improve operational efficiency. In order to expeditiously execute the improvements, the GLWA selected a Design-Build project delivery system. METCO functioned as the "Engineer-of-Record" for the Design/Build team was responsible for the Design and Design-Construction Coordination including QA/QC activities, startup, and system testing.


The key elements of this project include replacing the Header Isolation and Pump Discharge Valves with associated operators for the Low-Lift and High-Lift Pumps. Additional improvements include new Dehumidification System for the header pipe gallery to mitigate the high humidity and resulting corrosion of header pipes. These improvements were designed to be constructed without any significant interruption of to the plant operations.


To address the challenge of maintaining the plant operation at the desired level, METCO developed a comprehensive flow isolation plan and construction sequencing consistent with the requirements of the Owner.


The project was successfully completed with no major cost and scheduled overruns.