Plant-Wide Steam, Condensate & Compressed Air Piping Replacement at Springwells Water Treatment Plant

METCO Services, Inc. was retained by GLWA to provide Professional Engineering Services to develop design documents for replacement of all existing steam, condensate, compressed air, and natural gas system piping and other auxiliary system, on Plant-Wide basis. In addition to construction administration services, METCO is responsible to provide Resident Project Representative services during the construction phase. The major project elements involve HVAC, Heating and Compressed Air Piping improvements in the following areas of the Plant: - 1930s Low Lift and High Lift Pump Building - 1930s Administration Building - 1930s Powerhouse Building - 1930s Filter Building - 1930s Chemical Building - 1958 Filter Building - 1958 Filter Building & Breezeway - 1958 Rapid Mix Building - Plant Wide Tunnel and Chases - Chemical Bridge - Drainage Pump House (HVAC System only) - Guard House (HVAC System only) - 1930s Sedimentation Basin (4) Gate Houses (HVAC System only) The project is currently under construction and schedule for completion by 2023.