Rouge River Pilot CSO Facility at Outfall 072 Puritan East

To comply with their NPDES Permit requirements, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) retained the services of METCO to study and design a CSO Control Facility at one of the Rouge River Outfall/Puritan (072). METCO assisted DWSD in the evaluation and selection of this outfall as the location for the pilot control facility. This facility is to be designed to function as a demonstration project to prove the effectiveness of the screening and disinfection technologies incorporated in this facility. As one of the initial tasks, METCO had performed extensive Flow Monitoring and Hydraulic Modeling and analyzed the Northwest Interceptor system capacity and its response to various storm events. METCO developed the comprehensive design basis for the facility with the following major features: - Peak Design Flow a 380 CFS - 10 MG First Flush Detention Tank with Dewatering Pumps - Inline Screening Facility with eight (8) Disposal Nets - Chemical based in-line control system to provide the capability to minimize the Total Residual Chlorine level within the stated gal of MDEQ. The above design basis has been approved by MDEQ and the detailed design development is in progress for construction to commence by early 2012, in accordance with the schedule established in the Permit.