Sanitary Relief Sewer and Pavement Replacement Martin Road and 13-Mile Road

To comply with NPDES permit mandate of ZERO sanitary sewer overflow discharges, bypassing the Wastewater Treatment Plant, City of Warren retained the services of METCO to study their sewer collection system capacity and develop flow control solutions. As part of the study, METCO has identified the improvements including relief sewers and emergency overflow connections to DWSD interceptor. The recommended improvements are being implemented in a phased approach. The Phase-I project includes design and construction of: - Approximately 9,500 LF of 36" sewer at a depth 20-25 along Martin and 13 Mile Road within the City of Warren. - Replacement of 9,000 LF of 5-lane concrete pavement as required. The construction documents have been designed to accommodate either 'Open Cut' or 'Micro-Tunnel' method of construction to minimize the disruption to the commercial institutions and residents along the proposed route. The construction was implemented by 'Tunnel' method with no major cost overrun due to unanticipated impediments. The total cost of construction is approximately $8.0 Million. The construction was substantially completed in November of 2015 at below the budgeted amount and within the schedule time frame. METCO provided all necessary engineering services including preparation of construction documents, detail traffic control plan, procurement of permits from all regulatory agencies. METCO is also responsible to provide necessary construction related services.