Schoolcraft Pump Station Upgrades

DWSD required the replacement of the existing obsolete variable controllers for the pumps along with upgrades to the electrical distribution system at the Schoolcraft Pump Station. In response to this need, METCO performed a comprehensive study with recommendation to replace the entire electrical distribution system supported with a redundant emergency generator system and new pulse width modulated variable frequency drives for the pumps. Upon the acceptance of these recommendations, METCO in association with Greeley & Hansen had developed detailed design and construction documents to implement the following recommended improvements: - New primary and secondary electrical distribution system with two primary DTE feeds. - New line-up of 5KV switchgear - New air-cooled VFD system for three pumps - New electrical building to accommodate these drives - New HVAC System to support the VFD units - 2x2 MW – New diesel emergency generator system with associated fuel supply system The construction documents also included extensive construction sequencing to implement this work with minimal interruption to the pump station operations. The project was completed within the budgeted cost and within the scheduled time frame with no major cost overruns.