System-Wide Hydraulic Modeling for GLWA Water Distribution System

GLWA retained METCO to update their current Water Distribution System Hydraulic Model to integrate with their GIS Geocentric Database and SCADA System. The Project also requires developing the updated model utilizing Info water platform. The updated GIS were aligned with calibrated model database to develop a GIS centric model with the capability to integrate with SCADA, Asset Management System of GLWA. The GIS update and Hydraulic Model development/calibration tasks were successfully completed for the entire Detroit Water Distribution System by April of 2013. The final model consists of approximately 31,200 Junctions. The updated model has been delivered to DWSD for their use in developing the Water Master Plan. Also, the model was converted to EPANET platform for use by GLWA Retail Customers. SCOPE OF WORK: The Water System covered in the updated model includes: - Approximately 45,000 pipes for a total of 3,600 miles - Five Water Treat Plants and Nineteen Booster Pumping Stations. METCO is responsible to provide the following services: - Updating of GIS - Creating updated Model usinInfo Water software - Calibration and Simulation of Model - Integration with Real-time GIS and SCADA system METCO has completed the updating of the GIS database by the following tasks: - Gap Analysis - Data Collection utilizing existing As-Built drawings, section maps, limited field visits as information source - Data organization by adding new layers and/or adding new fields to the existing layers and geo-reference to represent accurate information