Water Main Extension of Ready Road to Will Carlton Road

In order to mitigate the current low water pressure in some of the Downriver communities during the peak summer months, DWSD proposed to construct Eleven (11) miles of transmission line starting at the intersection of I-75 and Ready Road to Sumpter Township. METCO was tasked to perform a comprehensive Hydraulic Study to determine the size and develop the detailed Design documents for this proposed transmission line. The Project consists of following key elements: - 42,5000 LF of 30-inch Water Main - 16,200 LF of 24-inch Water main - Isolation gate valves 5000 feet apart - Blow Off Valves at low point METCO, during the design phase had conducted the following specific tasks in developing the Construction documents: - Hydraulic Study - Route Selection - Detailed Design Documents - Coordination with multiple regulatory agencies - Permit procurement assistance - Construction sequencing and schedule The design phase of this Project was completed, and the construction has been temporarily deferred to incorporate the Water Master Plan recommendations for right sizing the system facilities.