Westerly Ferric Chloride Rehabilitation

Due to deterioration of the existing ferric chloride (FeCl3) tanks housed within the Train Shed Building, replacement FeCl3 storage was needed for current and future use. NEORSD sought to install new FeCl3 tanks in the Chemical Handling Building, which housed mostly abandoned chemical equipment. In order to accomplish the installation of the new tanks, a portion of the Chemical Handling Building required rehabilitation. METCO provided complete M/E/P services for the overall project as outlined: Demolition of all existing equipment and components within Chemical Handling Building: - Lime system, including storage, mixing, pumping, etc. - Polymer system, including pumps, mixers, storage, etc. - Relocate sodium hydroxide system, pumps, heaters, storage, etc. - Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) Tanks (2) in Train Shed Building. - The operator's lab, waste collection area, lady's locker room and document storage - Construction of a new premanufactured metal building(s) supported on new pile foundations within the footprint of the existing chemical handling building - Construction of a new covered, above-grade structure with access into the existing Train Shed basement and tunnel area. - Premanufactured building to support a minimum of three FeCl3 tanks and one caustic tank (relocated from the existing Chemical Handling Building). - Tanks placed at grade with below grade containment - Design and documentation of the process for the tank replacement - Premanufactured metal building(s) to allow space for a waste / discarded drum and universal waste storage facilities - Existing chemical building substation to be relocated at the new facility - Selection, and design for the installation of the FeCl3 Tanks (30,000 Gallons) within the premanufactured metal building