Westerly Wastewater Treatment Plant Wet Weather Improvements

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) entered into a Consent Decree with USEPA in 2010 which requires chemically enhanced high rate treatment of flows through Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment Facility (CSOTF). In advance of this project, NEORSD initiated several improvements to enhance the reliability of the CSOTF mechanical bar screens and settling tank drives. Improvements in these major areas: - Pump Station/Screen and Ancillary Equipment - Settling Tanks - Primary Effluent Bypass - Primary Effluent Flow Measurements METCO is currently serving as a major consultant to Hazen and Sawyer, and was tasked to provide the Design and Construction Engineering Services in the following discipline areas associated with improvements identified in this Project: - Electrical System - Instrumentation & Control System - HVAC - Plumbing